Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old School!

When people are being kind, they say my older son is "precocious."  When they are being neutral, he is "loquacious."  When they are being mean, he is described as "never shutting his pie hole."  Should anyone ever want to kidnap him, there will be no need for a "looking for my lost dog, want some candy, your mom sent me to pick you up" ruse.  Just start chatting and he will happily tag along for the adventure (his FAVORITE word).

So, Saturday night he and I are playing bubble machine (we live it up around here, I tell you what.  Saturday night and I am on the front porch with the Gazillion Bubble Maker BBQ).  After 20 minutes of this shriek-inducing bliss involving a toddler repeating AD NAUSEUM "I caught that one.  Did you see?  Ohhhh, that was a big one.  That one was the best ever," the batteries die in the bubble machine.

Not one to be beaten by circumstance, I tell sweet bebe boy "No worries.  Mommy will make bubbles old school.  We can still play bubbles.  No worries.  Mommy always has a back-up plan."

... More time passes ... I am bored to tears wondering what has become of my life... Saturday night and I am blowing bubbles... alas...

(For those of you who don't know, we live on the top of a mombo hill.  For non-Coloradans, it would be called a mountain.  For the locals it is just a big-ass hill)

Suddenly, a man we don't know comes huffing up the hill.  He stops to chat while panting and heaving.

"Whatcha doing, little man?" ~ stranger

"Playing bubbles.  We were playing bubble machine but the batteries died so now we just play plain bubbles." ~ Bebe Boy who has never met a stranger and who, additionally, feels compelled to share lots of details and background

"After walking up that hill, my batteries are dead." ~ stranger

"You want my mommy to blow you old school?  She's very good."

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  1. Oh how I love that child. And I wish I could have seen the look on that man's face.